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    A buddy im filming with wanted me to try some After Effects work for a film he's shooting....this isnt the footage....just a test at 15fps with his digi cam....the end result will be 24p 16:9, just a quick sword effect.

    Yes cheasy SFX.....oh well

    About 6-7 mb quicktime mov

    This is his daughter with the wooden sword.

    He is actually the DP for a film we are shooting this weekend called "A Harsh Reality" I will be the final editor and effects guy....i guess....ill post the trailer when its about done.

    Thxfor the "constructive" criticizim in advance.


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    Use a shiny sword instead. Would it be better? I don't know, but the effects of the colour seemed weird with the wooden sword, like the colours didn't blend in.

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