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Thread: how important is a graphcis card

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    Default how important is a graphcis card

    is this a acceptable spec to edit with adobe premiere 2.0?

    AMD (Venice) Athlon 64Bit 3200+ Socket 939pin 512k L2cache

    1GB PC3200 DDR400 ram

    1 x 80gb ide HD
    1 x 300 gb SATA HD

    how important is the spec of the graphics card for home user video editing?

    my machine has a basic 128mb graphics card


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    The video card has nothing to do with video editing. Depending on the editing software you use, it can be handy to have a second output that's for analog TV so you can view the video on the target output device. I have a cheapy Radeon 9000 128 meger with that.

    But in general, a $30 video card with 32 meg ram is about as useful as a top of the line $400 gamers dream for video work.
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    Although some editors do make advantage of a more powerful GPU and more RAM on the graphics card. Such is the case of Premiere Pro 2.0, or am I wrong (not an Adobe fan)?

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    i would say the graphics card makes quite abit of difference. - I started off with a bog standed one and then upgraded.. the rendering speed is slightly faster, the peveiw isnt jurky and best of all premire doesnt hang like it used to..

    i suppose to an extent it depends on if your using any third party plug-ins.. - there seems to be more and more these days that take advantage of the graphics card..

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