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    Default Vegas slow motion stutter

    I've gone through the forum here looking for the answer but it seems i've got a different snag. At 10% velocity the clip stops for a 1/4 sec then carries on, then stops for 1/4 sec etc. It is always after the same amount of time, about a second, and the frames still increase as if 20 odd still frames have been inserted into the clip. The clip will flow nicely for about a second before this rythmic stagnation for about a 1/4 sec. I've experimented with all the fields and interlace stuff, interestingly both vegas 4.0 and 6.0 do the same thing. Really need some help, please, messing up my slow motion water-skiing video unfortunately. Cheers.

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    Default Re-Render

    So obviously I've got a snag somewhere. I'm now rendering the .avi at 75% to then bringing it back in to re-render to 75% etc. until I get to a point where I'm potentially going to lose significant quality. I assume this is the best way of getting the slowing without the previous stagnating period problem. I think we all need better cameras and computers with a small truck of ram, get me some of those dual-processor bad boys also, damn.

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    I have had this stutterting effect once some time ago. I thought it was something odd with the clip cos it was a dloaded xvid but it sounds the same as your stutter.

    I am afraid I cant help as it has never happened again... My only suggestion is probably lame; are the project settings the sane as the media? If the frame rates differ I was thinknig that might cause some wierd effects (grasping at straws).

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