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Thread: Fantastic Avid Training DVD

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    Default Fantastic Avid Training DVD

    Hi all,

    Now I know this forum is not used for promoting products, but I feel compelled to share my learning experience with the newbies (& perhaps oldies!) out there.

    I've been teaching myself Avid Xpress for about 12 months and in addition to using this forum, been searching for other tips/tricks/tutorials to help me.

    I did consider doing a college course, but at $2000+, I thought I'd wait a while before making such an investment.

    I then came across the 'Edit Like a Pro' DVD guide. And at a snippet of the price of a course (only US$147), I bought it.

    Firstly I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked on a ps2 (in Australia). As for the content, well it was great. Very informative, easy to follow and humorous.

    It covers many aspects from: simple sequence creation, to colour correction, audio and FX menus.

    With over 4 hrs of tuition, I can safely say that my money was well spent and that my knowledge of Avid has improved 4 fold.

    I can endorse this product only because I am one of those beginners who have persisted to master Avid, spending many hours trying to figure out one thing that turns out to be achieved with a click of a button in 2 secs! This DVD guide has helped my skill advancement and confidence considerably.

    If anyone is dubious and wants to run concerns past me, please email me at:

    Otherwise go to the following link for the DVDs:




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    :o shame on you using your affiliate link
    follow us on
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    Hi Marc,

    Affiliate link??? Not sure, that's the link I was givien.

    It worked, I received the dvds and I'm a very satisfied customer. I don't really mind if it was an affiliate link, I would of still paid the same!

    The reason I posted my message was to help other Avid users, as the dvds helped me no end.

    All the best,


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    hmmm... call me a cynic, right...?

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    Hi mrlipring,

    Glad to see you move in the same forum circles I do, as I'm sure many many Avid users do. Hence posting in multiple forums.

    Why would I limit my posting to 1 forum, where the number of folks who could benefit from the dvds are limited?

    I see the same Avid questions asked from forum to forum, so why not try and alleviate some of the learning curve by suggesting an affordable solution!

    I bet the newbie Avid users who actually invested in the dvd, like me, would be thankful and not so cynical.

    Out of interest, how long have you been using Avid?

    Have a great day.



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    fair do's mike, i'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time.

    I don't use avid at all, but i've been about the net for ages, and when you see someone copy and paste what is practically a sales pitch, you begin to wonder.

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    Hey mrlipring,

    Believe me, if you knew how long it took me to compose 1 email, you'd understand why I copy and paste stuff

    My one finger typing is pretty good, but not that good!

    In fact I'll probably copy and paste this reply to another forum



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