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Thread: Interested in Filmmaking? Live in Berkshire? Join TeamTV!

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    Default Interested in Filmmaking? Live in Berkshire? Join TeamTV!

    TeamTV is a group of amatuer filmmakers located in Reading, Berkshire. We meet locally every Wednesday night and are always on the look out for fresh talent. Anyone with a keen interest in making movies is welcome - you can learn from our past experiences and become part of the ones to come. More inside....

    Team TV is a close and friendly group of amateurs in Reading, Berkshire looking mainly to have fun making movies and doing our best to make them look professional. We have made several films to date, one running nearly feature length and a series of other shorts which have made it into film festivals and a music video which was aired in the UK, the US and Germany on music channels such as Scuzz.

    We have just finished principal photography of our latest piece entitled "Flying Apart" and have recently concluded a piece of concpet work entitled "V3" - to get an idea of us as filmmakers, you can view this work here.

    We do not focus on any specific aspect of the production process, and rather like to give everyone a chance to do what they enjoy, and get an idea of other areas they may not be versed in. We are always on the look out for anyone from directors and cameramen to scriptwriters, photographers, continuity, gaffers, technicians, engineers and even runners. If you feel you can contribute, or wish to have a little fun making some films, please come along and join us.

    We meet every Thursday night at RISC, Reading - which is on London Street next to the Great Expectations Hotel, directions on our website Welcome to Team TV. If you can't find us, look upstairs in the meeting rooms or ask for TeamTV.

    If you are interested, please send us a message for any other details, or just to let me know you've decided to come along.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this message,

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