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Thread: Dont hate me! >_< Adobe problems

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    Default Dont hate me! >_< Adobe problems

    Im a complete noob by the way ^_^
    Im litrally pulling my hair out and this is my last resort, for days ive been trying to export a 4 min movie out from adobe, its a music video i have spent weeks on but I am not really very good at all this and every time I export it there is something wrong.

    I export in quiktime and the size of the file was 4.5 GB
    I export in AVI and the movie seems to fall apart whenever there are 2 or more tracks of video on the bar, it will be going along fin and then when it hits an area were I have 2 clips going in the frame the it shakes and falls out making it impossible to see what is going on.

    Maybe I dont have the right compressor or sumthing im not sure, ive tryed all of them and they seem to mess up always when I have 2 tracks of video
    the ones that work best are DivX 6.2.5 Codec (2 logical CPU's) and 3ivx D4 4.5.1 Video Codec.

    Please oh mighty gods of editing help me! most of the movie needs more than 2 tracks of video going!
    Ill worship you forever if ya help me! I just dont kno what to do and Please help!?

    How it should look

    How it really looks
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    What are your project settings and what are your export settings?

    There's a million different ways (and counting...) of exporting from Premiere. If we knew which of those you were using then it might help.

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    Ok! here are my settings, and im really stumped here, ive been trying for hours with differant settings but same result everytime
    only thing i cant get to work is the quicktime file but thats 4.5 GB

    Project settings

    Frame size: 720:480 (4:3)
    Pixcel aspect ratio: D1/DV NTSC (0.9)
    Fields: lower field first
    Display format: 29.97 fps drop-frame timecode
    Title safe area: 20% H 20% V
    Action safe area: 10% H 10% V
    Scale clips to project dimentions when adding to sequence (box ticked)

    Compressor: DV (NTSC)
    Depth: millions of colours
    Optimize stills (box ticked)

    Export settigs
    File type: Microsoft AVI
    Export video (ticked
    Export audio (ticked)
    add to project when finished (unticked)
    embedding options (none)
    DivX 6.2.5 Codec (2 logical CPU's)
    3ivx D4 4.5.1 Video Codec
    Cinepak codec by ridus
    Indeo video 5.1
    intel indo video R3.2
    Intel Indo Video 4.5
    Intel IYUV codec
    microsoft RLE
    microsoft video 1

    Colour depth: millions of colours
    Frame size: 720:480 (4:3)
    frame rate: 29.97 fps
    pixcel aspect ration: D1/DV NTSC (0.9)
    quality : 100%
    limit data rate (unticked)

    rendering options
    fileds: lower fields first
    deinterlace video footage (unticked)
    optimize stills (untcked)

    all keyframe options are unticked
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    So then, exactly where is this video going. is it for web sharing, for making a DVD from etc etc. It makes a difference on how you export it.

    Look slike NTSC. You neve mentioned which compressor you are using. Why not just try the standard "DV NTSC" one if you want an AVI file?

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    I want the movie to be an AVI file to send and upload on websites I tryed using all the compressors listed, im using the DivX 6.2.5 Codec (2 logical CPU's) compressor since that seems the most advanced one.
    I dont have a compressor called "DV NTSC" listed. i can make an AVI file but as I said it looks terrible and blocky when ever there is more than one track of video

    EDIT - It seems to work with the DV NTSC! Thanx so much Mr Mills!!

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