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    Default Anyone with Encore

    I was just wondering with Adobe Encore if i can take mpeg files and convert them to avi or even just use the program Encore to burn dvd's that have been encoded, like video shop dvd's.
    (I guess that is an mpeg 2) i think

    What does Transcoding mean in the selection menu of Encore? does this have anything to do with it?

    Or can i just import the mpeg(video shop dvd) into Encore, drop it on the timeline and then obviously re-burn(build)?

    Hmmm, does anyone know the answer to this?
    I know i can get this software, run it through that software, spin it around three times, do a hop and the file is converted,

    But being i spent so much on Encore 2.0, surely this program can do more than just burn my files? Ohh and make title pages.

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    Encore is a standalone DVD authoring application which essentially means it enables you design and create professional multilayered DVD menus, transcode (convert) your videos to DVD compliant MPEG and burn the DVD(s). It's certainly worth reading the manual from cover to cover.

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    Encore is a DVD authoring tool, pure and simple. Editting is left to other applications.

    Encore will allow you to import both AVI and MPEG2 assets and build your timelines from them.

    If you import an AVI then, given that DVDs ultimately want an MPEG2 stream, it will transcode the video as a pre- task of the build. This is effectively what happens when you export your sequence as MPEG2 format in Premiere Pro. As they are both Adobe I presume they both use the same encoder.

    Historically, I've preferred bringins MPEG2 into Encore becaue in older versions when previewing AVIs widescreen didn't wort. It seems OK in v2 though and the preferred workflow for Cineform high def effectively offers an AVI rather then MPEG2 anyway. But I digress...

    So then, once you have your assets in, then, Encore can mainly be thought of as a DVD menu editor pure and simple. And even then the actual aimages are best editing in Photoshop. But for designing and building your DVD I find Encore really quite good. Epsecially v2 which is much more stable than 1 or 1.5. The library management is still a bit flakey but you can't have everything.

    Also, I find the slideshow feature of v2 a great addition. Not perfect but easy and simple to use and gets the job done quickly.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks you for reply

    as you can tell i have more trouble with the whole formating, encoding, NTSC, PAL settings, mpeg 2 this and that, than i actually do learning how to edit using AE 7, Prem 2 etc

    Encore i haven't played around with much yet except to use their templates and burn my movies onto dvd. But i'm learning that that is it, thats all Encore does!

    really seems alot of money just for a program to do that, oh well, i've got it now, may aswell enjoy it.


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    I think what your looking for is a program like anydvd from slysoft. just remember its illegal to copy dvds unless your making a back up copy of one you own, and even then its "iffy"

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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