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    The quality of my DVD that I created using Nero is not DVD quality IMO.I am currently using Nero Vision Express 3 to capture video from my camera using the DVD quality settings (720 x 480) and then I burn it to a DVD using the highest quality settings (Bit Rat 9716, Encoding Mode- 2-Pass VBR. After I burn the DVD the playback looks more like VHS quality than DVD quality.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can increase the quality of this video?



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    Stop using the DVD quality settings for capture and use AVI instead. By using DVD settings at the start you are reducing the quality and then when you burn to DVD at the end you are reducing the quality again. So use AVI settings for capture, editing (this may involve importing files such as mpeg, wav, mps etc aswell) and then burn to DVD using the DVD (mpeg settings).

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