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Thread: Interlace / deinterlace?

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    Default Interlace / deinterlace?

    Can anyone recommend a useful source of information on this subject?
    A link would be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.

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    having read those links, can i just ask whether the '4th method' on the 3rd link, the virtualdub and 'deinterlace smooth', does a better job than the TMPGenc programme? thats the one ive seen recommended most, and im trying it at the moment. altho while its 'analysing' (as i type) , i can still see lots of those lines across the video :-(

    are they likely to come out in the finished DVD?

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    If you're creating a DVD, you do not need to de-interlace.

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    yeah? well thats totally flummoxed me! can you explain why, in a nutshell please? when you should and shouldnt? or is it too long-winded?

    secondly, the mpeg i just created from an avi file, to put on dvd, has no sound for the last 5 minutes, and freezes in places. altho not de-interlace connected, would you have any idea why that happened? or should i start another thread?

    thanks for your help

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