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    I have a 15'34" video, with alot of clips, transition and narration. I need to trim the video by 34 seconds. I need to remove pieces in the middle, with out effecting the rest of the video. The extract tool seems to only allow me to extract one track at a time, and is destroying the transisions. How do I extract or remove just a portion of V1,V2,A1,A2 all at one time, as to close the gap and not effect the narration and the transisions?


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    Well, first off all you can click the *lock* button for the tracks that you dont want to be affected at the left side. As for the transitions... I don't know bout that... But it shouldn't be too much work to just recreate the transitions, should it?

    Hope this helps in any way..

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    I need all the tracks to be effected, as so I dont lose sync with the narration and music ect. You are right the transisions I can fix easy enough, it is the narration that would take me days to do.


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