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Thread: Panasonic NVGS120 - PC Problem

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    Default Panasonic NVGS120 - PC Problem

    The Panasonic NVGS120 only allows you to record video on to a tape and not a SD card....How do I get the Video pictures from the tape to the PC ?

    I connected the Camera to the PC using a USB, but the packages that came with the camera, only seem to be able to take still images from the tape....

    The camera won't allow me to put the tape onto the SD card either....

    HELP HELP HELP......

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    That model camera requires Firewire to move video to the PC. Says so in the owners guide. USB and the SD card are only for still pictures.

    Buy a PCI bus Firewire card and cable ($20 us).
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    The software that comes with all camcorders (I'm assuming) is basic and paltry. If you are just starting out then use either Windows Movie Maker on the PC or something like iMovie on the Mac to get acquainted with editing. Then when you become more adventureous, consider a package such as Adobe Premiere or similar.

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    Smile thanks both - much appreciated

    I got it up and running now... had some ULEAD editing package with the Firewire card, but i'm not getting along with it...

    I'll try the Adobe package... someone mentioned to me about PINNACLE... is that any good.

    Thanks again...

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    I tried Pinnacle software on my computer and it clunked along at a snails pace, crashed and was always checking the hard disk... so I stopped using it. Other have reported it to be buggy and unpredictable. It would be best to either download or look on magazine front cover mounted DVD's for trial versions of editing software (usually run for 30 days) and try a few of them out before you decide on a particular package. See which one works best on your setup and which one goes 90% of the way to give you all the things you need in an editor. I say 90% because none of them are perfect, the other 10% you just have to put up with or find some way of getting round it.

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