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Thread: What's the Best Video-DVD Editor

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    Default What's the Best Video-DVD Editor

    I'm a bit of a novice here, I've just joined your forum. I've got plenty of questions to ask but to start with I'd like to get to know a few basics. I've got my daughter's VCR videos from age 1 and I'm in the process of recording them to DVD using a DVD recorder. It's excellent.

    Now what I want to do is edit them and copy the results to DVD and I'm told I'm better with two different bits of software, the first for the editing and the
    second for the burning to DVD.

    I'm wanting to know if there's a bit of software out there that does the
    whole thing, and if so what is it. The other thing I'm wanting desperately
    to know is what the hell is the best software because the more I've asked
    and searched the more confused I've ended up.

    I don't need state of the art, but I do need reliability, and something that
    will record the video and the audio in sinc as they say.

    I hope there's someone out there that can help me.



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    Theres Pinnacle Studio for about $100.00 but I would not recomend it due to the poor customer support and very buggy program, buy at your own risk! I like vegas+dvd, the full version. Theres also premiere pro And Avid. Just google for there sites and download the demos to see what one you like. Keep in mind they all have diffrent interfaces and somewhat of a learning curve. You can also look at the diffrent user forums to see what problems people have with the diffrent programs.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Capturing the video to DVD like you did is easy enough for the un-initiated but not the best format to edit with. DV- AVI is the standard editing format but you can work with mpeg2 which is what the DVD now has on it. This said because you need to look for a editing program that will work nicely with mpeg2. There are some that will not make you render out the whole video to avi just to edit it.

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    Default hi

    is there any DVD converter that will not request Rendering when I import in Adobe premier

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