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Thread: paragliding ratitovec open - short video

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    Arrow paragliding ratitovec open - short video


    I have edited this video two weeks ago, and i want to know what do you think about it?

    It is a sort "story" about yearly international paragliding competition "Ratitovec open", about beginnings of it, to be exact.. It was filmed two years ago, but had no time till now

    Everything is made by me, exept music

    Any comment is welcome..

    link google video :

    high quality on ed2k:
    ed2k://|file||114771648|0D88FEDC4EDA22 65D90E176468AE43CE|h=YU36G77VBPDEM2AI36VWASB6ZFGCT C3S|/

    DIRECT LINK FOR DOWNLOAD - high quality

    running time : approx. 7min
    codec on ed2k : xvid

    camera : some old panasonic svsh (??!! )
    hardware: P4 2,6 / 512mb ram / radeon 9550 256mb vivo / soundblaster live
    software : adobe premiere 2 pro / virtual dub / google earth
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    Cool stuff, love paragliding and kites....

    Good ending overall, but the camera work was very shaky, perhaps get a glide cam pro (or for super cheap take a tripod attach it to the camera and fold in all the legs etc and hold it on the tripod handle, its like a makeshift glidcam and it works okay)
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    Loved how at 1:39 the camera hit the sun then faded into the next clip.
    Great shot at 3:40 also

    Really enjoyed that.

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    yeah, true - camera is a bit shaky..
    it is hard to zoom at 100% and keep your hand still, without any helpers

    but i will have that in mind next time, thx..

    glad you like it, i aware that there are some things, that could be done better.. but ok.. it is done

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