Hi everyone,

I created a video using custom settings for the web. e.g. width 350, height 175, 12fps etc. The sourcefiles are all NTSC.

Now i want to use the eddited video in an NTSC file, ofcoarse using the sourcefiles as they are. However, Premiere Pro doesn't allow me to change the size in the project settings of the video and i can't find any export setting to export the sequence so i can load it into a new project using ntsc.

I don't want to save the project as a videofile and load it into a new project using NTSC because then i'd have to enlarge the movie extremely and i'll miss parts of it. I also rather not start the whole project again. I mean, everything is ready but exept in the wrong size. Again the sourcefiles are ntsc so that should work. I just want to change the size and fps.