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    I am a Sony Vegas 6 user and there is a really useful tool in it that I don't find in Adobe Premiere Pro. I want to copy and paste only a portion of the video clip. In Vegas you just point your cursor on the in point and hold left mouse buttom draging cursor up to the end point you want the clip to end and then you release the left mouse buttom and the portion of your choice will be highlited. Then click Copy and then you paste it whereever you want in the timeline. How do you do it in Premiere Pro?

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    Eduardu Hernandez

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    i dont think premiere pro can do that (i have premiere 6.5) as far as i kno the only way u cud do that is zoom in on the clip, use the razor to cut the beginning of where u want the part of the clip, and then cut at the end.
    then just copy and paste that clip

    hope this helped!

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    Matty is exactly right you can either grab the razor out of your tool pallet then cut the clip where you want it to start and end with out effecting the original clip it's self, then copy and paste,

    or, you can just adjust the clip on the time line to exactly what you want by pulling it either direction then copy and paste it

    or, if you don't want to stuff the original clip by shortening it or lengthening it, just drop the same clip out of your project panel on to the time line where you won't effect the other clip, manipulate it then copy past

    or just pull the same clip to the time line and adjust then drop it where you wanted to paste too anyway

    or, or, or

    there are at least 10 ways i can think of in Premier Pro to do something of this caliber

    trust me, stick to Premier Pro over Vegas any day, Adobe is well better for user interface friendliness, controls, effects, the list goes on and on

    maybe not sound, Vegas has Premier on that, but just get Audition, it's up their with Sony's sound forge

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