as mentioned on another post, i have to send a Show-Reel through to a number of potential employers and was wondering what is the best way to do this.

I want to send it vier e-mail but it won't actually be posted on the net,
so which file do i send it as with out loosing quality but not to big that it takes them an hour to download,

or do they not download it if i send it vier e-mail as an attached file?
if so then can i just send it as an AVI file so as they have a good quality copy?

as you can see i don't really know anything about this side of editing, at all!
This is the first time I'm attempting to send something vier e-mail

so please some advice on how to get the show reel to them.

please don't JUST say "save as this file or that file",
i really need to know the answers to the questions I've just asked, as much as knowing which file to go with.

I understand MacMedFlash for internet etc, BUT do i need to use these files?
or can you not send an AVI through e-mail etc etc

Thanks in advance