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Thread: Blending Scenes

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    Question Blending Scenes

    Hey, I was wondering how can you make 2 scenes blend together, so that they can be one scene?

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    what do u mean by blend?

    like have them in smaller boxes in a corner like on credits of shows
    or make two characters, one from another scene into the other scene?

    some more details would be easier

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    Like make 2 characters from 2 different scenes, into one scene. Not like fading, but like one face on the right and one face on the left.

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    like put two clips on the timeline(different tracks) and adjust the opacity of the top clip. that will make the clips transparent.

    if this isnt it, please give a more detailed example
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    I'll assume you are using Vegas. On the left hand side of your time line you will see a 'Slider' adjust that on the TOP timeline and you will blend the 2 fields.

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    Oh Okay Thanks!

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