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Thread: New to the DV scene!

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    Default New to the DV scene!

    Hey! I recently picked up interest in DV editing, mostly due to the fact that at the computer camp i'm working at, we have a DV class. And i've learned some random stuff on Final Cut Pro from the instructor for that class. Myself having a PC, i was reccomended to get Adobe Premiere Pro. However, i wanted to export some of my movies for the web, and on Final Cut Pro there's a Quicktime - Broadband High option. It's not quite the same in premiere. I was wondering what i should export as in quicktime MOV format other then H.264 compression adn 480x360 size. The compression isn't quite teh same as final cut pro, it's larger in size. any ideas for keeping a good quality while keeping the size down for web publishing?

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    Default New to the DV scene!

    Hi Have you thought about exporting it in FLV format, Flash video, as more visitors to your site will be able to access it?

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    As a matter of fact i have not. I just have developed a recent fondness of Quicktime Player over windows formats. So i was just going to export it as Quicktime Movie format. How is FLV movie format?

    Still trying to figure out a good setting for Quicktime, cause all the presets are really small in video size, and if i increase that the quality is bad. I tried to emulate the settings of Final Cut Pro using Movie Info option in quicktime player of a movie that I had previously captured on one of the lab computers, but to no avail. It ended up being a much larger file then it should have been. Help?

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