How come when making any type of Movie, Sequence, Project, Comp whatever using Perm Pro or EA 7, it's quality is so low "Grainy etc" on the finished DVD,compared to what it looks like on the actual computer screen and repaired to how it should come out as a finished product?

The formatting etc I'm doing is the best way to go for DVD,
but more the point I'm getting at, is that How come when you watch TV and even for example it's just a basic title being displayed, it's still picture perfect as apposed to when EA or premier pro export to DVD, and the end result has tiny jaggered lines through it, bad clarity, usually to grainy, too much Noise value and the list goes on and on.

What worries me is that even when you use one of the templates provided from either program, it still doesn't come out perfect, and these are their professional templates that are being used.

I hear over and over that many TV productions use Premier Pro and EA for their proffered editing NLE's (in Australia anyway) but what are they doing so different than me to get their results.

Or is it more the case that their running their final products through multi-million dollar machines to get it perfectly clear before its going on air,????

I know they professionally Color Correct it, but that wouldn't make that much of a difference repaired to the end results I'm seeing.

(I'm not talking just about the captured footage)

Any one know the answer/s