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Thread: Editing VHS and Digital Tapes?

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    Arrow Editing VHS and Digital Tapes?

    Not sure if this topic should be in this section, but I have a a couple of questions about editing VHS and digital tapes:

    1) What equipment/programs do you need in order to put VHS tapes onto a program like Vegas, and be able to edit the video on the VHS? Also, what are the steps required to putting VHS tapes onto your computer?

    2) Same thing for Digital tapes?

    I want to put basketball footage from both VHS and digital tapes onto my PC, and then be able to edit them in Vegas.

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    You need a Capture card like an ATI all in wonder or a breakout box like canopus to capture the footage. Pinnacle sells their program with a bo box but I can not recomend Pinnacle due to their poor customer support and buggy software. Do a google search for video capture cards and you should come up with plenty of choices.

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    For the analogue VHS, you will need either a breakout box that plugs into the USB port or an internal PCI card with same but it may come with a Firewire port attached. You may have to connect the audio from the VHS playback deck directly to the audio in on the soundcard but that depends on whether or not the breakout box or PCI card has audio. For the digital tapes, if you own a digital camcorder and your computer already has FIREWIRE - you'll notice how I spelled it with large letters so don't use the USB connection - it's just a matter of connecting the camcorder up to the computer and start transferring.

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