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Thread: Wedding music copyrights

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    Angry Wedding music copyrights

    Here's an interesting one!

    I have often read peoples questions relating to music copyright when it is included in productions that are not generally for public consumption for example, wedding video's.

    I came across this interesting snippet when registering for the IOV. It discusses the copyright law if you video a scene where the music is in the background and not specifically added to the track, for instance the 'first dance' of a newly wedded couple.

    It is interesting that they deem the music at a wedding reception to be a 'feature' which means that you have to seek permission from the artist or record company to publish.

    What views have we on this?
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    I think the IOV's proposal is wholly sensible. Which is why it will most likely be ignored by the MCPS and the PPL. I wouldn't mind betting that 99% of people that produce videos ignore the current rules and regs because either

    1. They cost too much
    2. The licenses are confusing to apply for and generally a pain in the butt to know you've got the right one (or as the IOV note, two)
    3. Why bother when no one polices the system anyway.
    Whilst I totally agree that a musicain or composer should be rewarded for their (sometimes) hard work, as the IOV note, a cue sheet is rarely required for work, so how does the actual artist get the reward.

    The current system is farcical and the IOV should be congratulated for taking a lead in sorting it out.

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