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    IM BACK!

    Hi guys!

    Ok so im really getting into this whole video editing thing, and i was wondering if you nice guys could reccomend some video editing software.

    Im currently using Ulead video studio 7 trial which is set to run out in about 15 days. I do like it but it just seems a bit fidley.

    So if someone can suggest some good editing software for around 50 i will buy them a pint!



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    What you're using now is good for basic editing. Pinnacle Studio 9 should also be in your price range, but I've heard that it's sort of buggy.

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    I started video making and burning dvds recently almost entirely due to reading the posts in this forum and Marc`s excellent guides. A few searches on forums for various software (like Pinnacle) showed that the all-singing all-dancing ones can have bad habits (especially at new version level) so I tried to keep it all simple - didn`t work out that way. I`m using P Studio 7SE which has reduced functions BUT is a good basic capture and editor. Didn`t get on too well with going as far as writing to disk with Pinnacle so used several steps to create files and then wrote using ULead Studio 7 as the writer (as it`s easy to import files and jig them to a disk).
    First results are soooo much better than I was expecting, first class mini-movies - thanks to all concerned on these pages.
    Pinnacle is a bit more usable than Ulead at basic editing level (can do a bit more), if you can get hold of a P8 cheap maybe it`ll be a bit more stable than the new P9 (as it stands now pre-patches etc).
    No doubt others can throw light on the benefits/cons of the newest versions of editors about, depends how much you want the editor to do really...
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