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    I am going into my senior in highschool and have been thinking hard of what I want to do with my future. Editing intrests me a lot. I was wondering though can you find a good job just editing? Or do you have to do something else other than editing. I was also wondering what kind of salaries some of you guys were getting and how much you were working and where. Thanks
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    the best way is most like to be for you to learn all aspects of video production. this will hep loads when it come to your editing as you will be able to relate what you are doing with what shots and sound you are editing.
    As far as a stable job doing video editing i am sure it is very hard as you will need to be working for a productions companey and a large on at that... many production companies will do all their own editing i.e. the people who film, direct and other stuff will do the editing due to not being able to take on a work force.
    i think your best bet is to get in with a television studio and work your way up to video editor, it may well be a case of starting out as a runner/teas maid but this gives you a chance to get to know the industry and the people therein.
    it may be a good idea to write a letter to a television company asking for some info on how you get in to the position of video editor.

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    I'm a freelance Video editor. I also work on DVD Authoring, Graphic Design and some Web Design. As a freelancer I need to be multi talented to pay the bills. Also certain jobs require extra skills.

    If you are lucky you may get a job in a big Post Production House but even still - Mosteditors who achieve this stature end up going freelance anyway.

    With technology advancing as it is, You need to have as many skills as possible. There are so many people out there doing video editing on their home PC's but doing good things. It makes my job harder as the industry is being flooded with editors of substandard ability.

    So in answer to your Question - Yes it is possible to get a job as just an editor but you would have to me incredibly good, eben then you will be faced with stong competition. You are best off making sure you have skills that compliment eachother.

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