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    Anyone know some easy cool simple film effects? Like make the video look like it's film on the sides and eats away. Maybe look as if a projector was playin it then the projector eats the film strip. Or some cool lighting effects making the film look old. Anything that you can think of. I would appreciate it. Thanks
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    Quad Freestyler

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    The film effects plug in wll do much of what you seek.

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    Could you tell me a quick overview of how to do it with the film effects plug? I'm pretty slow when it comes to using vegas. I know how to make the film look old with scratches and everying I just wanted to add to it.
    Quad Freestyler

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    Just use the drop down list under video fx, pick what you want then adjust as needed. The best way to learn vegas is to fittle with it. You'll catch on.

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    ok let me start by stating that I am a complete noob when it comes to Vegas, but whneI try adding that "film effect" it only aplies to the right half of the track i am trying to add it too. I am in the process of making a trailer video of a virtual formation team I am poart of and any help/thoughts/ideas would be great.

    Mike Schlabowske

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    Mike, it is only previewing half the screen with effect, half without so you can see the differences achieved. When you render, it'll do the whole screen. You can disable split screen view with the icon in the video preview pane.

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