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    Hi, I'm currently using the new Apple IMac that uses the Intel Dual Core Processors. It is 2Ghz, and the RAM is 1.5Gb. I would think this would be enough for video editing, but when I was doing the editing in IMovie, a software that came packaged with IMac, I noticed some slight quality problem.

    Whenever the scene pans from left to right, or vice versa, the images seem to be blurry and not sharp. But when the scene stays motionless (i.e the camera filming is objects on a stationery position), the picture and moving objects in the scene are crystal clear. Only when it PANS, the quality problem arises. Now, this has got me stoked, cos when I preview the movie on my video cam itself, the quality was perfect. So I don't think it was my DV cam.

    And I don't think it is my computer's problem, cos if it was the HDD, or CPU speed's problem, the WHOLE video would be jerky, not only when it pans, right? Please if somebody knows what the problem is, please enlighten me. Many thanks in advance!!

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    This sounds like your editing program is using a de-interlacing method called 'blending'. This is where the first and second fields are averaged together. It will cause blurring along vertical edges when the camera pans. Horizontal lines will stay sharp, this is the way to tell.

    Another possibility is your editing program is taking short cuts to present the video on your screen in real time in order to keep up while you're viewing it. Takes a lot of processing to handle motion, but very little for static scenes. The final output file may not have this blurring effect since the editor can spend all the time it needs to get it right. Video is horribly demanding of PC resources. The larger the format, the worse it gets. Full size high definition is murder. The big studios use specially designed arrays of high powered PCs to do things in real time without resorting to such tricks.
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    Could also be the persistnce on the tft causing some blurr.


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