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Thread: Holy Jumping Aspect Ratios Batman!

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    Default Holy Jumping Aspect Ratios Batman!

    I used Premiere 6.5 set in NTSC widescreen for a project. When I burned it to DVD straight from Premiere, it put the whole thing in 4:3 with a border of unused screen real estate all around it. When I exported it as a movie for burning w/ Nero, It was widescreen, mostly. At every transition (cross disolve), the video would drop to 4:3 then return to widescreen past the transition. I also had still images between major sections & they always viewed as larger than the rest of the video in either version (filled the whole screen). I am confused. Anybody got any ideas on why & how to fix it?


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    there's no real answers in my opinion to questions like that, because

    we aren't aware if the whole movie was made in NTSC or if you accidentally made some in those settings and some in PAL, (because when you cross them all sorts of things like that happen) even though you essentially are converting it all to one or the other, the program doesn't like it and sends it all over the shop.

    it could also be that when your burning it your got the writing speed on to high, i always turn it down to it's lowest so as not to miss frames, get jumping footage etc etc.

    i have burnt the same movie over and over and got a different result every single time from how fast the burner writes, so try slowing it down so not to miss any files etc whatsoever.

    other than that, who knows with this sort of problem
    could be your program, could be missing files, corruption etc etc

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