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    I have slowly been building up my pc, new memory hard drive etc. I shall tell you what I want to be able to do. I want to be able to render Magic Bullet in real time, and make after effects a dam site faster too, close to realtime, if this is crazy please dont shout im a technofeared man!

    This is what I have

    A new motherboard (P4V88+Dual DDR400)

    Pentium 4 2.50ghz
    1.25 gb ram
    1 80 gig drive
    1 120 gig drive
    1 300 gig drive (external)
    I have a graphics card but it isnt anything special.

    i am thinking about getting AGP gforce 7900gtx card are they worth buying, will it speed up adobe programs?

    help so i can make starwars good again
    action camera lights

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    Magic Bullet 1.0 will never render in real time. Magic Bullet 2.0 however uses the GPU to accelerate the rendering and will achieve real time with a min spec level. See for more details.

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    The latest version of After Effects will also use the GPU to render (if asked nicely) so if that's your aim then don't skimp on the graphics card.

    Also, for video editing and AE I would recommend more ram than you have. Throw out that 0.25 Gb you have and replace it with another GB to bring up to two. Some people recommend 4Gb.

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    Magic Bullet 2.0 is what i will get then. So what graphics card do you reccomend?

    i want it to fly
    action camera lights

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    sorry to be a pain but what graphics card should i get?

    action camera lights

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    If you can afford it, change the mobo and go for a PCIe card.

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