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Thread: Music Video - How much should I charge?

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    I've been asked to direct a music video for a new pop song that's going to be released.

    I've struggled to find anything on the web regarding this, but basically I wanted to know what sort of percentage I can ask for from a royalty perspective?

    The people asking me to direct it have also said that they've been told by the VPL and EMI that I should actually only receive a one-off payment. However, the people creating the song have no money so any payment would be on a deferred basis which I don't really like as it means I'll be in a position where I could do the work and not get paid. At least if there's a royalty agreement, I could get someone like the VPL to collect royalties on my behalf etc.

    Any links to sites which have information, or contacts to establish what I should be asking for would be much appreciated.

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    personally i believe it would be bad practice and a little insulting to ask for a royalties percentage.

    just stick with the one off charge, then there are not problems later with how much people owe you or whatever.

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    Deferred payment = bad
    Royalty payment = unknown

    Fee, paid for finsihed video = normal

    How would you work out a royalty payment? When the video gets shown? What if it ends up on Putfile, do you get paid for every showing? What happens if it gets re-edited? Does your royalty reduce? What about if it gets dumped and never shown, you get nothing.

    My advice is... if the band want a video they should find the money for it and pay you. If they had a gig but no transport they'd somehow find the money to rent a van.

    Golden film adage "Any fool can work for nothing, and many a fool does."

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    Going the royalties way is quite unusual. Most labels preferr one off payment as just the added paperwork for royalities is stupid.

    The only times I've seen royalties go to a production company is when the company are mates with the band.

    The Guru is right - Deferred payment is bad.

    As to what to charge - Breakdown the costs. Camera & other equipment Hire, Cameramen and othe bods, all expences and you'll start to see it all add up.

    Find out what it will cost you the add ontop what you think you can get waway with. - Be prepared to put your mouth where thier money is!

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