Right now i'm currently saving up money to buy a computer, and am deciding whether or not a laptop would be satisfactory for what I would like to do with it. I'm not extremely into video editing, i'll try making a video about once a month, so i'm not sure if I need all the specs that most of the people here need, but when I do make a video I try to make them an hour long atleast. I would be planning on using a version of adobe premiere, and I use a sony handycam w/ firewire. The reason why I want a laptop is because I also like to edit music. So a laptop is something I could bring into my "music arena" (garage) without having to move my drums. I was looking for ones w/ about 1gb ram/ 80 gb hard drive, and i'm not sure about the processor, but I hate my rendering speed on my current computer using a program that came w/ my capture card (ulead video studio) and i have a pentium 4. I am looking to spend around $700. Another question would be if I did need more drive space how would an external drive work? I just started saving so there's not a big rush, any help would be appreciated.

(for an occasional editor(once a month) each vid atleast an hour long)

1gb ram enough?

80 gb hard drive?

recommended processors?

would an external hardrive work?

recommended laptops?