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Thread: having small different videos play in one big one

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    Question having small different videos play in one big one

    hi everybody, as you see im new to this site and relatively new to vegas video 6.0...

    i'm trying to make a counter-strike movie for my clan and i want to offer my best at it.

    i want to have movie scenes from the movie ALL of them play in a intro screen.. so i want the first 20-30 seconds of the movie to contain scenes from later on in the movie, ALL playing at the same time in the same "window"

    please help meh..

    thanks in advance !

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    Watza clan?

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    OK, load into the timeline all the clips you want to show (place them on different tracks) at the end of each clip you will find a box like icon called pan and crop. Click on the first track pan and crop icon, a new work space will apear with the video in there. Around the picture you will notice a dashed line and boxes, click on one of the boxes on the corner of the picture and drag it outwards. you will now see your picture in the video preview shrinks, get it to the size you want and then place it anywhere on the screen you feel looks right. Carry out thtis procedure for every video clip.

    Also when rendering a CS clip render as progressive scan.

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