I am trying to create a DVD that includes a music track using Magic Music function and one of the Smart Sounds provided with PD5. When I burn the DVD (using Create Disc function) the Smart Sounds track does not show up. Any other music (e.g., wav file) that I include on the music track works just fine. The audio track of any video clip works fine also. It's just the Smart Sounds that I can't get to work.

When I "produce" the video and create a mpg file then the Smart Sounds audio clip works ok.

I can also suse the Smart Sounds as the background music for the title menu on the DVD and it works fine. It's just when I try to use the Smart Sounds in the music track on a DVD that they don't seem to work.

I have checked and un-muted every audio control that I can think of, but no luck.

Anybody else encountered this problem and possibly a resolution?