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Thread: My Road trip movie

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    Default My Road trip movie

    Here's an edited version of our recent Scotland road trip

    Up to Glasgow over to Oban, Fort William and Glen coe.

    Wish i could get some decent video hosting instead of this crappy compressed youtube

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    You lucky bastard! I wish I got to go there. My sister is getting married next May and they'll be going to Scotland for the honeymoon. I going to make them take a DV cam with them. Nice vid and sound track though.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Though im scottish myself And so im totally biased on this lol

    Fantastic country though aint it - Ideal for shots

    Though try taking the same shots when its raining lol - ages of grey mist

    Youtube limits to about 10 mins so im hoping you can post the longer version or link it elsewhere

    Wooooooooo for scotland - Id like to add its william wallaces fateful end anniversary soon

    23rd August 1305 he was cut apart for his cheek

    Anyone out there wanting to do a montage video - think about it - if i had the footage i would love to

    None of which was about the glory of scots v english - none of it was about the politics

    It was about the land - the passion it still holds and the pride for those who lived there and died there

    Even today you can still feel the hint of the freedom it holds

    Alba !

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    Would love to show you some higher res/longer footage but dont know how to get it online

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