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Thread: Different HDV tapes

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    Default Different HDV tapes


    I'm about to start filming a documentary which is going to need an awful lot of tape stock, and am just about to order the tapes for it.

    I shoot on a HVR Z1, and was planning on shooting the piece using Sony's DVM-63HD tapes (the mini DV ones designed for use in HD mode - but not as expensive as the Digital Master tapes)

    But while rummaging through various websites I noiticed that JVC have a HD tape too - the MDV63ProHD-MC (JVC Pro HD) which is considerably cheaper too. (Sony is minimum 6.99, JVC is minimum 5.80 inc VAT)

    If I shot it on JVC would I be a fool or a winner?

    p.s. if anyone knows where I can get cheaper than the above prices for wither of the tapes - let me know!!

    Thanks a lot


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    AFAIK a tape is a tape. DV or HDV, makes no difference, actually I think the hdv bit rate is actually lower than the dv bit rate and becuase of the intraframe compression of hdv it is likely to be less sensitive to dropouts.

    If the hdv tapes cost more then it is just a rip off in my humble opinion.

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