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Thread: Where does a Vegas Newbie begin ?

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    Default Where does a Vegas Newbie begin ?

    Hi Folks

    Its almost 4 am here - yep I am loving my new Vegas

    I have just got myself Vegas Platinum 6 eh 6.0b i think it is

    Now to put you in the picture I am moving from windows movie maker - I have my first relative nightmare moving a video i made almost entirley in movie maker to vegas to finish - but its done now

    Took me about 30 mins to work out how to slow down credits lol

    I am just wondering if there is any good tutorial sites - tips and tricks - editing guides - that kind of thing

    I am learning loads just by jumping in and playing around - and the in built help is fantastic

    I am also trawling through various forums and searches finding my own way but thought id ask in here also while I am wandering around

    One thing I find weird is when i went to make my movie as a wmv file it predicted about 14 meg for the file - which i thought was small - after it rendered turns out the file is 40 meg

    Again though Im just not used to the interfaces and options yet

    Fantastic software though - i love the way i can throw footage around - in movie maker i had to really plan my steps ahead as evening just playback could cause a fail to respond from the dreaded WMM

    Any newbie info for this much appreciated - in the meantime im off trawling the w w w

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    Hi Karma.

    The Vasst website is a great source where Vegas is concerned. There are many helpful guys here too like Mark W and Irishmark both of which know a great deal and willingly help. I smiled when you said the "built in help is fantastic" as we have one member here who is almost at the point of suicide I think where Sony, help files and his Vegas Movie Studio is concerned. No matter, I find Vegas intuitive and miles easier than any other editor to get my head around. Vegas will blow your mind when you start digging deeper, so keep playing and you'll soon be our newest Vegas expert on the block!

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    How i got to where i am now with vegas is this

    1) play around, play around and watch ur videos get better and better
    2) ask questions
    3) surf the forums for previous problems/questions and test them out.
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    If I read your post right you said you had the platinum addition, not the full vegas. In that case you need to keep in mind most of the tutorials are for the full vegas+dvd. Some things are done diffrently in the full version. Dose you nle use .veg files if it dose it's the full version. You will find that most vegas user's are more then willing to share what they no so don't be shy.

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    Thanks guys for the info

    I do have the cheaper verison lol yes - the platinum

    At my stage i dont think i need the full vegas - Of course I can obtain the full version from the internet from many sources - however ive bought platinum for the sake of it - its the same as what i would spend on games anyways

    I dont think i need the full gear yet as I am moving up from movie maker and feel it makes sense not to aim too high at first

    I am working now fully on vegas with a new video and already hitting barriers of simple things that movie maker could do that vegas does but just so much better

    But once i get used to the basics im sure ill post the odd question and have already got resources to search for basic info etc

    I still think its a great piece of software for getting into - it allows really easy effects - i am doing a simple photo slideshow for a friend of my mum and already it looks great for that kind of thing

    APpreciate the help offers and again - great forums for advice and further ineterest

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    LOL!...At least you bought sony. I bought that piece of SH*& from Pinnacle, Its 4 times the size and crashes every time I open it. I even tried Adobe for awile since I started out as a photograher I always used Photoshop from 4 to now cs2. Premier was a big let down (6.5 ) After Effects looks good, I just need to learn how to use it.

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