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    Smile Hi from A New Member and a Question

    Hi to you all, as a new member I've spent the last hour browsing thru many of your questions and have already learnt a few things. I have been using Premiere Pro 1.5 for a year or so now and have made good progress in video editing. The finer points of audio editing are proving a problem.
    Question, How can I remove background noise from a sequence? Such as people talking while my grandaughter is singing, can it be achieved using Prem 1.5 or will I need specila software?
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    This cannot be done in Premiere. Audio editing applications such as Adobe Audition offer noise reduction filters, but generally these are to "lose" audio of a completely different range such as a background "hum". I would say it's as near to impossible to be impossibe. You might be able to isolate and reduce the noise if you have a similar audio of just the kids, but at best you will distort the audio of the grandma singing.

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    Can you recognise the people talking as talk or is it just a noise in the background like mumbling? If it is just 'mumbling' then it is a low frequency noise as opposed to a mid or high frequency noise and may be able to be reduced using audio filters. The downside is it will probably affect your granddaughters audio aswell as they are all interwoven on the one track. In future try and put a tie clip microphone on the person who is talking or singing to isolate them as much as possible from the background noise. If this was a television or film production your daughter would go back into a recording studio and she would record her voice singing again, it's known as ADR... fancy trying something similar yourself?

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    You can certainly reduce the background noise, but as stated already it will be a very fine line between reduction and distortion. You will need an audio editor that has a clipboard noise reduction feature. Look at Goldwave it is a cheap editor but does give you lots of features for the money.
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