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    New to this forum so thought I would just introduce myself.
    Owner of H R Visuals Ltd Video Production and Web Design. We offer a complete vdeo production service from scripting, production to post production. All our post work is done using Avid.
    We also do a little Web Design .


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    very good i would like to see some of your work... i used the avid system quite some time ago, big system! i use premiere now......

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    I did the reverse, I used Premiere right up until V 6.5, I still have it now, never upgraded to Premiere Pro though.
    As for samples of our work we have ditched our existing showreel and are in the process of putting together a new one.
    Most of our work has been corporate, weddings are in there too but we are trying to phase them out in favour of less stressful higher reward work.


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    grand, send me a PM when you have a new show reel up. would like to see it.

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    Welcome! I'm new myself and look forward to getting all the latest industry news! I like your site a lot Graham. I usually uses these guys:
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