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    OK, I know I have an awful lot to learn!!! This is what I have learnt on this first shoot.

    Sound is a real bitch. Maybe I should have bought a camera with a mic input. As it is I used a USB hypercardiod mic connected to my laptop. It makes a great recording, really clear and clean, however the lights I used had a loud fan in them and this mic picked up a lot of noise. I've have to process the sound to remove this, and now it sounds really bad. So buy quiet lights! I've got a lavalier for next time.
    Secondly the room I used was very small, so the lights were too close to the subject. I completely forgot what I read that I should use the manual settings on the camera. Having more than one camera would have made things a lot easier, every time I needed to change position the subject needed to freeze while I re-positioned the camera. Also the close-up shots have the colours automatically adjusted and looked different to the wide shots. Having a scripts is good idea as the subject kept repeating the same phrase, and a number of re-dubs were required weeks after the event, which stand out like a sore thumb.

    If anyone has any other comments, fire away! But please don't destroy me. This really is my 1st attempt and I am willing to learn from you experts.

    Forgot to say. These were done on a JVC GZ-MC100. 1st vid done in Serif MoviePlus 5 and the others done in Vegas MovieStudio 6.0
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    For the audio I thoroughly recommend Mark's guide to creating a killer voice over:

    Remember too that the nature of Non Linear Editing (NLE) means that cutting a splicing your video is as easy as, well, copy and paste! Whenever I've made my own instructional videos, I've spent hours on each "section" of the video until each "take" is perfect. Stumble a line or fumble the product? Cut and retake!

    20 mins is long, even if you're an ardent fan of PMC pendants. Why not break it into sections? This has the added advantage of looking like you have a lot more guides than you really do.

    Just some initial thoughts.

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    That's a really good guide, thanks for the tip.

    And maybe 20 mins is too long, I had not thought of that!

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    I know nothing about making these pendants although I know a bit more now

    I would say you could cut time such as heating - anything at all that is a given in the process - that just simply takes a min or a little bit of time to do - you can cut this - similar to the old cookery heres one i made earlier idea

    It would be nice to see very close shots of the results

    Like rolling out the texture - followed by a close shot of the pendant - even a split screen before and after to show the aimed for result

    This may involve a macro lens or something - I used to have a 35mm camera and photographed insects with the macro lens - i assume in video the same exists - again dependant on camera capability i guess

    Over the shoulder over the head shots too - ever see a UK art programme -Tony Hart? he had overhead shots so the work space is viewed totally flat - so the viewer is almost looking as if through their own eyes down on the subject matter

    Overall though fantastic thing to add to the website for people interested in this stuff and far better than web pages explaining the same through text and photograph

    It creates the feel of ooo i wanna go and make one now

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    HAHA, there was supposed to be a close up shot. I was going to take it with my digital camera, as you suggested, but while we were moving equipment about I managed to lose the little plastic bag with the finished pieces in it!
    But I definately agree, it needs some close-ups. Thanks for the input!

    Oh my god! By total coincidence, and within a minute or so of posting this reply, I've just found the bag!

    At the very least I'll put some graphics on the website! Thanks again!
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