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Thread: YouTube™ Stiffles Creativity

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    Default YouTube™ Stiffles Creativity

    Online Video Comunity Brings Out the Worst in Aspiring Editors

    At the inception of these very pages the most frequently asked question (FAQ) went something along the lines of, "where can I host my video (dude)". After years of frustration the advent of YouTube™ and other various online video communities now provide ample space for budding amateurs to share their videos. Thanks to these video hosting sites, amateurs accross the globe can share their short films. Some users even host their own pseudo television channels. Unfortunately that's not quite what's happened.

    It seems these video communities promote a "film it and host" mentality. Rather than encourage amateurs to strive for quality, these sites seem to encourage an attitude of "more, more, more". And why shouldn't they? After all, for each video hosted sits along side at least one ad. Why should it matter if the video's the graphical equivalent of a 20 car pile up? Infact the worse it is, the more likely the viewer clicks on an ad to "get him the hell out of there".

    I have no interest in seeing someone throw themselves off a ladder. If I wanted to see some fat bloke dance in front of a PC screen I'd just watch the original version sent to me in the 90's. No. We can do better than this. We need to teach the world that video editing is an art. That filming takes practice. That for every upload to YouTube™ a poor defenceless kitten... okay, I exagerate, but I do find it saddening that users posting on these sites aren't provided with the tools to make better video. Instead their peers chant "awesome" and everyone gives themselves a pat on the back.

    And what, you may be asking, is the reason for this diatribe? Well, since you ask, I was trying to justify the existence of the user videos section. Why should people post here when a whole community of "talent" exists on these sites. The point is that we care. We care enough about the art or video editing to provide constructive critisism. To encourage, indeed promote, higher standard. Above all, we're needed. And we're here to help. So host your video on YouTube™ (because believe me I've tried many times to set up an equivalent here at VideoForums), but post it here to learn.

    Now if only I could get someone to code video upload and sharing for the forums...

    Digital Director

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    Well said Marc. If the user section should ever become a 'wow dude cool awesome' hyperbole fest then please kill it dead and save a few kittens. I post there cos I want criticism, the big ups are nice but it's the critical comments that help me.

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    **stop the press**

    I found a decent video:

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    Heh Heh Heh - fair point I guess but I think your a bit harsh on You Tube

    See most of the world couldnt care about filming - editing - directing - cinematography etc - most movie goers dont appreciate a good angle shot or take - but are more impressed by - wooooo you see the way that car just blew up and took the guy out with it - woooooo - pass the popcorn

    You Tube is a bin - a video bin for the worlds media

    Swamped by manga - swamped by teenies in lingerie - swamped by jackass and skateboard repeats -

    But if you sit back - its a bit like your local TV station swamped by the same media

    I think its good there is a place for people to place easy links to media - and sites like this can use it

    It would be better to see You Tube categorise better - I have seen "director" videos and profiles and some of them are people posting other videos - not anything they have edited or created themselves

    I think its a good place for public viewing - after all anyone making video etc isnt that an aim - to broadcast - to send a message a feeling a thought out into the masses?

    Its main good point is its a mass of public viewers and varied opinion - Also it gives everyone on sites and forums like this an easy link to their own videos for discussion - such as in the user videos

    I post my cuts and edits on you tube and get varied reaction - i would post the same link here but expect to get it looked at from a more technical view

    A great thing about you tube is traffic - I posted a scientology video on there thats gained some comments - but what is more bizarre I have recieved more messages than comments from varied users about it

    Ranging from people asking me to post their videos as they are too wary of being sued etc lol to people asking me to join in crusades almost to bring the church of scientology down lol

    Here is one of my most favourite videos I have seen posted

    Unfortunately I am not sure who created this - but to me its genius

    They have taken Bush and made him sing along with John Lennons Imagine

    Its utterly fantastic use of editing to convey a very good ironic message

    And I like that about video - not everyones cup of tea but genius to me - I think thats the thing You Tube has

    What you hate someone likes - and vice versa

    But i think your right - You Tube cant provide a niche for those interested in creating editing etc

    But its a great space for us to use the links here for discussion

    Perhaps - you may want to create an admin access only thread or forum - where you display certain examples of good work in varying categories - editing - filming - fx - etc

    Instead of it being swamped by users you could feed this from the user video submissions ?

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    The purpose of video is information and/or entertainment. I drive my car to work every day and don't have a clue how it works. It just gets me there every day without problems.

    To be honest, I don't care how it works as long as it does it's job. The same can be applied to any product/service that exists. Just because we are bordering on, or actually are, purists, junkies, enthusiasts, anoraks etc etc, we shouldn't assume that everyone else shares the same values as us.

    I love, and live for, video and photography. I have long realised that very few people I mention this to are even remotely interested in my hobby all they say to me is........."show me the video" - that's all they want!

    We mustn't be offended or insulted. I am absolutely useless and have no interest in golf for example. This would be unthinkable to many others out there but, I cannot stand the stupid sport - it makes no sense to me. I fully appreciate that others think the much the same about my interests.

    All I can say is........"Thank God for that!"

    It means that some of us can impress the hell out of the public with our video's and others can impress the hell out of me when they get a 'hole in one"

    It would be a boring old world if everyone was good at, and interested in, video, golf, car mechanics, race driving and every other thing that can be done.

    So Marc.........Long live 'You Tube' - it's crap! Full of utter shite! But hey...........doesn't it make us look great eh?
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