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Thread: our first propa film

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    Default our first propa film

    hey i know this made in WM but the footage is quite good

    we've also made a sp00f of the matrix not as gd though
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    Default Nice Try

    Hey dude,

    Congrats on making your first proper film! I`m gonna be completely honest, I thought it was rubbish. In a three minute film you have credits that last about 40 secs which you play at the begining and end. The problem with this is they are the same set of credits therefore wasting time telling me information that i already know.

    The choice of music was not very good, as was the song you chose. It just didn`t fit, even though you were trying to make a spoof. The acting, the camera work, the music and the guy who kept popping up eating an apple(or whatever!) all came together to make a very annoying experience. Some of the editing could have been a bit tighter. Even spoofs such as Naked Gun, Airplane and Scary Movie are edited well.

    A plus to it though was one bit in the fight scene where you speeded up the punch sequence to Neos stomach. I thought this was a nice touch but was instantly let down by you cutting in some footage from the Matrix. It just didn`t seem necessary to do that.

    I know it seems I am probably being quite harsh on a film that you probably filmed in about an hour but if you have a camera and mates that are willing to make a film then i`m sure if you put your heads together you could come up with your own idea. Spend some time filming and editing it and you`ll be surprised what you can achieve.

    Good luck, just from watching that Matrix spoof the potential to make something decent is there.

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    did u watch the rocky spoof?

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    i listened to wat u sed about the credits and modified it

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    Well done! The slowmo/bulletime fight gave me a laugh. Keep doing it, as said above, get some ideas together and also practice camera angles/technique and lighting (the dark shots were 2 dark)
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    Hey Pes-Mad-Lad,

    I didn`t watch the Rocky one because when i clicked on the link it said that the video had been taken down. I`ve watched it now through your changed link and it is soooooooooooooo much better than the Matrix one.

    It flows better than the Matrix spoof mainly becasue the music is better although as you were doing a Rocky spoof what other music could you use The only thing i will say is it does get a little bit repetative hearing the same music play over and over again for seven minutes. I know i`m watching a Rocky spoof so to hear the music over the credits is enough for me. Mix it up with some other music.

    I agree with the above comment that you need to sort out some lighting cos some of the scenes were just too dark. Also a good thing to do is to shoot an entire scene from one angle and then move the camera and do the whole scene again. This way when you edit it you mix it up a bit from different angles. This comes with practice so don`t expect it to work first time.

    A tripod will help you out as well. Get one from Argos for about 15. A stable shot is so much easier to watch and it means you can tilt and pan smoothly.

    On the whole mate i thought it was good but it could be so much better.

    I hope what I have said has helped. I`m not being cruel, just honest. Film making is an art and it comes with practice. I hav made some truly shocking films but one mistake you make on one film is something you know not to do for the next one.

    Good Luck mate and i hope to see more of your efforts on here soon.

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    well i have alrdy sorted the dark prob out by tinkerin wit the brightness settings :p is the new one ive also added more effects to the other clips lol
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    Another bad one. There getting better though so keep it up. Practice makes perfect!

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