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Thread: Extreamly stupid question about dvd burning

  1. Default Extreamly stupid question about dvd burning

    I'm sure I know the answer is no, but I just have to ask. Can you burn a dvd using a cd burner?

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    Default DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs - Oh my!

    As my name suggests, I don't know that much about video -- I made my first edited video three weeks ago!

    I do, however, know the answer to your question.

    The answer is yes and no. You can't burn a full-blown, 4.7GB DVD in a standard CD burner, but you can burn a VCD (Video Compact Disc) or S-VCD (Super-VCD) onto any old CD. A VCD has quality just higher than an average VHS, so it should be avoided if your software can burn an SVCD instead. A VCD holds approximately 1 hour of video. An SVCD uses MPEG2 for far superior quality to VCD, almost as good as that of a DVD, but here's the drawback: you only get 30 minutes of video!

    Almost all DVD players will play VCDs and SVCDs.

    I hope I was of assistance!

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    Ok, that's cool to know, thnks!

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