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Thread: Why I'm here and encouragement/help needed

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    Default Why I'm here and encouragement/help needed

    Okay, I'm only 15. Next year I'll be a sophmore in high school. But I've decided I really want to be either a video editor for like movies... commercials, something like that OR a director. Film or theater. Well this year me and one of my (now) senior friends made a student movie. We used our cameras which weren't the best, but hey, use what you can get. And the movie editing program I have and have been using is Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0. I love it to death and it's pretty easy to use. I can do about eerything I want to do with it.

    So basically I am saving up money to get a omputer solely for video editing. We went to the Apple store yesterday and the guy there (who happens to be going to college for video editing) said that a MacBook Pro is a great laptop to use for it. And with Final Cut Pro as the software. The computer is $1,999 and the software is $699. So about $3000 for the whole deal. Now I wondered if you think that it's a good computer to use and good software. He said Final Cut is what some companies use, movies and commercials. And the MacBook Pro is what they are required to use at North Carolina State School of the Arts (or whatever)

    Basically I want some input on if I should stick to this career choice and what computer/programs YOU think are good to use.

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    I shall refrain from the career advice but as for the s/ware h/ware... the combination mentioned is very nice but I wouldnt use a laptop for editing, too fiddly to expand / customise and very expensive per flop.

    Personally i dint like fcp but it is one of the industry standards so it would be good to learn.

    Also considor avid on a pc as this is very widely used in the professional arena.

    My fav is vegas on a pc but that is not widely used in the pro area (yet).

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    For what's it's worth, here are my thoughts:

    If young billy wanted to be a train driver when he's older, would he get daddy to go out and buy him a TGV? If Sarah (for the sake of equal opportunity) wanted to be a racing driver, would mummy (again being PC here) go and get little Sarah a formula 1 car?

    In the real world the answer would be no to both. If you want to make it big in the world of film and tv, the only thing that'll get your foot in the door is a demonstration of talent and a willingness to do whatever it takes. Knowing FCP inside out would be nice, but doesn't make the tea. And from what I hear, you'll be making lots of brews.

    You know what I reckon? I think you should save the pennies until you're safely on the path of your goal. Play around with the entry level software - we all start somewhere and if you've got the talent, your skill rather than wizbang software will shine through.

    As with all my postings I reserve the right to be completely wrong.

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    Totally agree with Marc. Learn to use what you already got.
    Get a DV camera, any DV camera, and learn the shooting techniques. Angles, composition, lighting, manipulating focus, WB etc.
    Get a fast computer (yes, the $ 3000 PC is a good idea anyway because you can use it for absolutely anything), stay with Adobe PE or try something like Avid FreeDV just for the sake of learning and... and I don't know, maybe get a cheap tripod, lights, batteries, whatever. Just keep practising. Do short films. Shoot events for friends, family and even profit.
    Think again of a career in 5 years time.
    Best of luck!

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