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Thread: I have many different types of PCI slots, which is the best.

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    Default I have many different types of PCI slots, which is the best.

    I have a x16 PCIe slot with x16 Signals, 1 32-bit 33Mhz PCI v2.3 slot, 2 PCI-X 100MHz slots(bridge B) and 1 PCI-X 133 MHz slot (bridge A). Which one is the best one to install my RT.X10 capture card in? I have a Tyan® Thunder K8WE (S2895) Motherboard w/ SLI Support

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    Not sure, but that sounds one monster editing pc you are building !

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    lol, thanks, but it's already build and yes, it is a monster.

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    Will the RT.X10 fit into all those slots?

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    The rtx cards can be fussy. Have you checked the Matrox ‘validated motherboards’ section? They’ve stopped listing the rt.x10, but you can check the rt.x100 data:

    Matrox won’t guarantee the card unless you use it with a system they approve of – that’s not to say it won’t work. I’d say use the 133MHZ slot, and check its performance. Trying it out is the only way, I think. Good luck.

    Also, rt.x cards don't like VIA chipsets.

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