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Thread: Can't play mpeg2 in windows media player?

  1. Default Can't play mpeg2 in windows media player?

    Okay, I'm running the trial version of Ulead 7, and after I render an edited movie into mpeg 2 format, it will not play in Windows Media Player, or Irfanview ( After looking through the Ulead forums and website, I'm seeing nothing that says it won't render correctly until the full version is purchased, and it does render it. The file says blahblah.mpg. The windows player has an error message about "cannot download codex"? Anyone seen this?

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    Win Media Player probably won`t play MPEG2 files on it`s own, mine certainly won`t. Rendering to MPEG2 is fine but the format is meant for higher quality DVD players and DVD-ROM drives etc, I can only play them successfully on PC using DVD player software as used by the DVD ROM drive. WMP in it`s supplied form probably cannot decode MPEG2 and therefore doesn`t play the file. Do you have any DVD-ROM software like PowerDVD etc? Opening the file with such a program (right-clicking on the file and changing the OPEN WITH option) will play it...
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    Yeah, I did some research last night and found out that even though it advertises that it can play mpeg 2, the only way it can is with a third party plugin, and none of them are free. Something about roalties on the mpeg 2 format. Oh well, I got some dvd software. Thanks.

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