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    I recently purchased a Panasonic DVD Video Camera; VDR-D300GN. This model uses 8 cm RAM discs. After a number of hours filming and returning home I didn't read the manual and cut and pasted the first 30 mins of video to my HDD. I then found out when it wouldn't open with the supplied software, Panasonic 'DVD Movie Album SE'. that I needed to use Panasonic's 'DVD Movie Album Copy Tool' software which was provided on the OEM CD. I have spoken by email to Panasonic as I no longer have the film on the DVD Ram, but have the files on HDD. They couldn't help. I tried copying the files back to the original DVD RAM disc to no avail. Can anyone offer a way of retrieving these files so that I can edit/play/copy to DVD

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    These will more than likely be either MPEG2 or MPEG4 files (or a proprietary format of these types). You should be able to follow question 10 of the FAQ to convert to an editable format:


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