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Thread: Back Into The Woods... A Downhill Biking Movie...

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    Default Back Into The Woods... A Downhill Biking Movie...

    Please Right Click and Save Target As!
    File size is around 30mb's I think... but the video is over 5 minutes long.

    My own comments on the movie:
    One thing I want to know how to do, make the helmet camera footage the same size as the regular camera footage without using track motion. The music seems to go pretty good with the riding. Also, like suggested before, I tried to get some more interesting angles. One more thing is if I started the slow-motion with the velocity envelope at 1:46.5 instead of at say 1:43 it would go better witht he music.

    Back Into the Woods
    An Attitash Downhill Biking Movie... Better than the last one!
    Mad Dog Moments ©2004-2006

    I am on the Big Hit (Silver)
    Applesauce is on the Demo 9 (gray)
    Alex is on the Bullit (red)

    There is some helmet camera footage mixed in with the video... in order to keep file-size down I had to reduce the quality a bit on the stuff so the helmet camera footage is just so so... and as we all know it makes all the terrain seem very tame. But the other footage is pretty cool.

    Comments and suggestions are wanted and very much appreciated.

    Thanks for watching the movie.

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    Are you using the full vegas 6.0d? If you are you can match the properities. If your using "vegas lite" (movie studio) then I don't know. As far as you helmet cam, the footage is shakey. I understand why but you might want to use shorter takes and mix some more steady cam/tripod footage to break it up. As far as the music is concerned I would try something with a bit faster tempo. If you want to learn more about vegas Check out the seminar series it has loads of info, its kinda basic but a good starting point. just remember were all learning so keep at it.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Several questions that may help you answer yours.

    What helmet camera are you using and what is its maximum resolution? There are a number of cams out there that are merely security cams which do not put out very good quality feeds to your camera. The best on the market right now seem to be based on the Sony EX-view CCD. That may be part of your size inconsistency.

    Second is the jerkiness of the helmet cam. I did a couple of ski videos using a helmet cam, and it is really an art form to get smooth footage. You have to resist the urge to look down, sideways, etc, quickly, and essentially learn to move your body around without moving your head. Similar skills when you use a glide cam type unit.

    I would agree on the music - but then again - i am an old fart.

    One thing you might try is to add some different vantage point shots (frame mounted looking alongside the front wheel, backwards at the rider behind you, handlebar mount looking into your face) to get some variety in the footage.

    Check out the footage on this site for some nice helmet cam bike footage:

    I am going to be working on some bike footage this summer, so keep me posted on your progress. It looks like a good bit of work anyway. Nice bike trails too!

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