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Thread: *New Vid*- Harlequin (merged)

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    Question To Post, or not to Post? (Advice Needed)

    Hi, as per my introduction on the meet and great section, I did a brief video for my A-level media production and whilst in retrospect it is far from great I was going to post it just to get an idea of what others thought. I however, as it was not an issue for its original purpose used copyrighted music, so before I posted I just thought I'd ask if this is the done thing . If not I could always use some royalty free material however this will not be so easy as I don't think I have the project files anymore, so any re-dubbing would mean losing the sfx. Anyway not a big issue but as new to this just thought I'd ask.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Posting it on here would be "ok" but if your going to sell, give it away ec... then yes use R.F. music.

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    Publish and be damned my boy...........publish and be damned!!!
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    I always say post it - unless you attempt to take credit for something copyrighted you cant get in any infringement trouble

    One of my videos in YouTube is currently used by an artist TomHolmes and is on an installation he has made of several political videos

    Once he took a copy of it I sent off to Michael Moore and REM as the video is mainly made from Fahrenheit 911 footage and to the tune of REMs music,

    Both of which have no interest unless I profit or gain from the use of the material and confirmed that the footage was taken from my own copies of their products - bearing in mind Michael Moores film is mostly stock footage not shot by him either

    The internet has busted open the use and proliferation of media - and cannot be policed rigourously - hence why YouTube is full of TV clips etc

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    Smile We Have A Go

    Right firstly thanks to those who replied and after reading this advice and watching other vids with such music I am posting will also post on seperately.

    There are Three different versions (for more info see seperate post)

    1. ..... guess the music

    Please See Notes on follow-up Post when commenting.

    Thanks to all (and if I must be dammed, then so be it).

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    Default *New Vid*- Harlequin (merged)

    Hi, for those of you that read my previous post this is the clip.

    Although I understand that regardless of circumstance a video is either good or bad, I do however also feel that the nature of these clips needs a bit of context so here goes.

    Right I have just completed my A-level in Media Studies. As part of the AS portion of the course you are required to in AQA spiel " Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate Media technology through producing a text that is linked to your previous work." or something like that anyway. Basically you can either produce a short video or newspaper front cover however the catch is that it has to be linked to things we had studied in the previous module . Due to this originality is hindered somewhat as we had to link everything to films we had already studied e.g. Chicago, The Butterfly Effect etc.

    The result of this was the following clips which are supposed to be a kind of theatrical / full-length (Sky Movie News style) film trailer which is left rather ambiguous. The idea of Killer Clowns *Working Title lol* was not mine but all things considered I think it worked out quite well. Shoot time was limited to one day as costume was rented and could only wangle so much time out of lessons. Also although it was kinda annoying we were restricted to filming in school as people lived too far away to commute just for the shoot. So as you can see it is filmed at school, far from ideal but it had to do. This was the first time I had done any 'real' editing and as a result of rushed filming had very little footage to work with, luckily most of it was useable. Ok then enough of the excuse making (unless you want more in which case contact me) here are the clips.

    There are three versions: The first two are the same 'finished' product but with alternative soundtracks as I could not and still can't decide which is best suited. The third is a backwards very rough early edit that I kept simply because it still seemed pretty creepy, I know the continuity is way off e.g. people walking down stairs twice but all the same let me know what you think.


    ..... guess the music

    So then, thanks for your patience that was a long message, hope you like some of it however Iím open to constructive criticism (most of which will no doubt be similar to my own thoughts on it now).

    Thanks Again, I looking forward to hearing from the community
    All the Best Simon AKA Bloomz

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    Well i like the radiohead track its a fantastic track its a track ive been thinking of putting cuts to as well

    I cant really comment on the video I dont know what the A Level production thing is looking for aiming for etc

    I dont shoot video script etc so I dont know

    The intro presentation cinema track I like

    Other guys will know better but - instead of the old on the shoulder camera view - put the camera on a plank of wood and use the that to hold pitch and move the camera

    I believe this was done in evil dead movies - and may add to what I thought was a bit of a surreal theme in the imagery

    I like to see a lot of vids made by people as im interested in shots scenes and takes

    On editing I dont know - I think chopping the footage taking more shots like close ups - slow stills - so you can fill the space with quicker shots and fade ins - may have hidden the backgrounds and longer takes a little

    But i dont know that would be more editing in the video - than the actual scenes - so im not sure what the project etc was aiming for

    What i mean in the edits are chopping the scenes faster maybe with the radiohead track

    Cracked Eggs - Shot pulling down

    Dead birds - Shot pull down to girl dead

    Scream as they fight for life - Close slow pan of dead girl (good few hundredframes for fx etc)

    I can feeeeel death - flicker shot to clown guys (same again lots of frames)

    Can see its beeeeeady eyes - close in pan to eye

    That kind of thing

    Then the chorus the faaade out again - well thats just asking for a simple fade effect or blending to match the gritty black and white tones

    Lol sorry just ideas as i watched but all good I have no idea bear in mind im just some dude mucking around with video and edits - Just ideas

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    It was interesting, not quit Wes Craven! I would edit out some of the blank frames in the begining though. Keep at your definitly creative. Oh the backwards ting didn't really work for me.

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    I liked it.

    My only criticism is that the images weren't cut to the music. In a trailer the two need to be linked such that they work together, by having a video cut and then finding music to put over it, you don't bind the two together.

    Also I would have liked to have seen an acknowledgment to Clockwork Orange somewhere, t'would only have been polite.

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    Smile Thanks For The Feedback

    Re Response from Chapman Photography: Right then "I would edit out some of the blank frames in the beginning", I presume you mean the little introduction on the two full-length clips. If so yeah I know what you mean this was added last minute to try and hint at some sort of narrative because without that you have even less idea of whatís going on. As it was not initially planned I had no footage to work with to do something like a mock news report. So I figured the slow gradient effect from dark to light in an otherwise dark cinema might be kinda creepy combined with the monotonous synthesised voice. However this does not really come across on the small screen and I definitely agree in the way that it hinders pace something that is vital when producing a trailer. Oh and the backwards thing I found interesting but wouldnít of used it for the whole thing, as you will of probably of noticed I did use it for the main clown exiting as had no footage.

    In reply to The Guru: Again iím liking the positive comments thanks. Looking back on this project I definitely know what you mean about the music. Whilst 'as is' doesn't work too bad, music and timing is integral for developing the tension and suspense which are fundamental to a trailer of this genre. In latter work I have more actively used music and hope I have developed a bit since then so next time I do something (hopefully before uni) you should see the implementation of the feedback given here. Oh and BTW I havenít actually seen A Clockwork Orange (I know shoot me now) but I am sure it was firmly at the back of the director's mind .

    Once again thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated and please feel free anyone to comment more.

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