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Thread: Need Xpress DV 3.5.4 Update

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    Default Need Xpress DV 3.5.4 Update

    I just reinstalled my Avid Xpress DV 3.5 on my Dell laptop but cannot find the 3.5.4 update and Avid appears to have deleted it from their website.
    Anybody know of or have it on a web site or FTP site where I could download? Any suggestions would be helpful...right now Avid crashes everytime it opens on my Windows XP OS...

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    I don't think you can get the patch legally from other source than Avid. Contact the Support Center, they should give you a key, if you're clean.
    And btw ... they now encourage Xpress 3.5 users to switch to Pro. I can't believe it.

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    Unfortunately, Avid has discontinued all XDV 3.5 updates at their website and all phone support for XDV 3.5 users.
    We are customers left blowing in the wind.
    As you pointed out...they now stick a gun to your head and say...hey...give us another few hundred bucks and we'll let you use a new version for another 2-3 years (till we discontinue all support for that version).
    Whatever happened to supporting what they sell for a realistic time frame?
    Thanks again,

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