Hello everyone

I've downloaded Cineform AspectHD (trial version) as recommended on the forum

Yes, there is less strain on my PC and the editing seems easier.
However, the capture output seems a little grainy when compared to Adobe’s HDV 1080 50i preset.

I am happy to edit without Cineform AspectHD only if the interlacing issue can be eradicated on my TFT monitor.
Can TFT monitors generally be changed to an interlace mode and would that solve my problem.

I eventually plan to view my videos on a LCD TV through a PC as apposed to a DVD player. Does anyone know if LCD TVs generally are interlaced on non-interlaced?

Exporting to DVD
I understand that DVDs need an interlaced signal so de-interlacing (with programs like Cineform AspectHD) will make it worse. Is that true?


P.S. My camcorder is the Sony HC3E recording at 1080 50i