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Thread: Attack of the Clones ?

  1. Default Attack of the Clones ?

    I'm not asking for advice on how to crack a copy protection!!

    Every time I convert Attack of the Clones - CD 1 or 2, from avi to mpeg with ulead or tmpgenc it fails. I have a second copy of the avi's and the got the same results. It fails at the end, and says operation aborted or like error message.

    question is;
    Is this a copy protection I am fighting? Is there any thing you could do to help me understand what is going on?


    i found this
    it talks about the ac3 audio. does this add up?

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    sounds like a corrupt avi. go kazaa!

    I'm not sure of marc's position on discussing warez, so i'll leave this just now (i personally have no problem, but do we really wanna go down this path? there are a million sites that deal with this stuff..).

    try remuxing the file in virtualdub. could be that it'll iron out any probs.

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    the link's suggestion above actuly worked...


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    Yer, that site is a haven of info for "that" topic

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