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    So me and my friends started making a stunt video, got some great materia and its really looking funny. We have a panasonic vdr-m50 that records to this double sided mini dvd...we hooked it up to our computer and are able to view it on the DVD-moviealbum SE...however when I export it, it shows up like this in the folder...

    Pg01_m001 (movie clip file)
    with the same thing under it Pg01_m001.MTV (mtv file)

    all of it shows up like this, and we can only view small segments via POWERDVD...

    my question is, how can I get this into a program to edit, at titles, transition effects, and can I get the movie files into a format suitable for windows movie maker...any help would be GREAT

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    After some searching it appears that .mtv is a weird video codec that allows low powered devives to play video. I cant understnad why it is appearing on your discs.

    The file that contains the decent quality video should be a .vob file as far as I am aware.

    DVD cameras are fiddly things to use as a source for editing, but I am pretty sure that there should be a .vob file on the disc that 'may' be editable in moviemaker.

    Can you see any .vobs? Copy them to your hard drive and see how they play. I really thnik the .mtv is a red herring. Sorry if this isnt that helpfull, maybe you could post some more details about what is on your disc along with some file sizes too.


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